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CloSYS Fluoride Toothpaste, 3.4 Ounce, Travel Size, Gentle Mint, TSA Compliant, Whitening, Enamel...

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CloSYS toothpaste is a sulfate-free product designed for sensitive mouths. It contains gentle whitening and polishing agents (view on Amazon).

A good toothpaste is the first step in your oral hygiene routine. Most importantly, it fights against plaque build-up, and cavities. This is vital because these things can lead to gum disease if not controlled properly.

Furthermore, the right toothpaste can also help whiten your teeth and prevent bad breath. All toothpastes approved by the ADA must contain fluoride, which can help repair the very earliest signs of decay.

Finding the right toothpaste for you can certainly be a challenge; there are thousands on the market.

In this review, you have the opportunity to get a closer look at the CloSYS brand toothpaste. This product is very gentle and also contains no sulfates.

What makes a good toothpaste?

Above all, the mark of a good toothpaste is not only how well it cleans. It is also whether it protects and avoids doing damage to teeth.

The ADA guidelines on toothpaste states that they should:

  • Have no less than 1000ppm fluoride.
  • Only contain artificial flavors: no natural sugars.
  • Be relatively non abrasive, with a score of less than 250 on the Relative Dentin Abrasion scale.
  • Support continued oral hygiene*.

*The best toothpaste is one that suits you in terms of flavor and texture. If you like it, you’ll be more likely to continue to use it as a result.

Here’s how CloSYS compares:

Good toothpaste criteriaCloSYS toothpaste
At least 1000ppm fluoride1100ppm
Artificial sweetenersContains only artificial sweeteners and flavors
Relative Dentin Abrasivity53- extremely gentle
Other CommentsHas a gentle mint flavor. The tube has a wide cap, allowing it to be easily stood on one end.

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This toothpaste also uses trisodium phosphate and hydrated silica. These gently remineralize and whiten your teeth.

Pros and Cons

CloSYS Fluoride Toothpaste, 3.4 Ounce, Travel Size, Gentle Mint, TSA Compliant, Whitening, Enamel...


  • Sulfate free- Sulfates can trigger allergies, and have been linked to canker sore growth.
  • Prevents plaque build up and cavities.
  • Whitens teeth.
  • ADA approved


  • Lack of peroxide may limit whitening results.

This is a great toothpaste if you have sensitive teeth. Most importantly, it avoids using peroxides and sulfates. Those ingredients can irritate your mouth or trigger allergies.

This product also combines whitening ingredients into the toothpaste. This therefore makes whitening your teeth more convenient. Furthermore this product is ADA approved, guaranteeing its quality.

7 things you need to know about CloSYS toothpaste

1. Does CloSYS toothpaste work?

First of all, CloSYS toothpaste is designed to clean your teeth. It is also intended to whiten them. It uses two light abrasives- trisodium phosphate and hydrated silica- to lift stains from the teeth. Stains occur because of staining foods, for example red wine and dark sodas. These stains build up over time, affecting the color of the tooth as a result.

This product is suitable for people allergic to SLS. This is due to the lack of sulfates in the toothpaste (view details).

2. Will CloSYS toothpaste damage my teeth?

Firstly, a good toothpaste will be gentle on your teeth. It will also not damage the enamel or cause any sensitivity. Because CloSYS toothpaste contains very gentle abrasives, it scores low on the Relative Dentin Abrasion scale. As a result it won’t damage your teeth while you brush.

Furthermore, it doesn’t contain any natural sugars. Although it seems counterintuitive, natural sugars are worse than artificial ones in toothpaste. This is because natural sugars cause tooth decay – you wouldn’t want that in your toothpaste. All flavorings and sweeteners are therefore artificial. As a result, they won’t cause decay.

3. How soon can you expect results?

Results seem to vary from person to person. Some Amazon reviewers even report less sensitivity in as little as two weeks. Most importantly, remember that products that don’t use peroxide may take slightly longer to whiten.

Results can be maximized by using the product as advised. Therefore, be sure to brush twice a day, with a pea sized amount of paste. You should also try to avoid eating staining foods, such as coffee or red wine.

4. How long do results last?

Ultimately, this depends on how well you look after your teeth in general. The product should most importantly be used continuously for maximum effect. Likewise, avoid staining foods as far as possible. You should also try to avoid smoking because this can stain your teeth as well.

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5. Does CloSYS toothpaste protect your teeth?

Firstly, good toothpaste should be safe for your teeth and also actively protect them. The ingredients used are very gentle, and low on the RDA scale. As a result they won’t damage you enamel when brushing.

Most importantly, this product contains fluoride. Fluoride is vital in remineralizing your teeth. Fluoride also protects against cavities and decay.

6. How does CloSYS toothpaste taste?

The product has an artificial “gentle mint” flavor.

7. Is there something better?

If you want even more noticeable whitening results, you may want to use a product with peroxide in it. Whitening toothpaste can have limited effect, but for more significant whitening, consider some whitening strips like Crest 3D White Whitestrips With Light.

Crest 3D Whitestrips with Light, Teeth Whitening Strip Kit, 20 Strips (10 Count Pack)
  • Crest's best and fastest whitening technology at home
  • A lightweight, disposable, water resistant, handheld device that weakens stains
  • When used as directed, Crest Whitestrips with Light whitens dramatically better than strips alone

If you are concerned about using peroxide, always consult with your dentist.

CloSYS bonus

This toothpaste can be bought in several sizes- either 3.4 oz or 7 oz. It is also available in a pack of 48 0.75 oz tubes– this is by far the better deal because it gives you 36 oz of product.

CloSYS Fluoride Toothpaste, 7 Ounce, Gentle Mint, Whitening, Enamel Protection, Sulfate Free
  • Promotes Mouth Health - CloSYS Sensitive Toothpaste in Gentle Mint flavor fights plaque buildup, restores...
  • Cavity & Enamel Prevention - Specially formulated with fluoride, CloSYS Sensitive Toothpaste strengthens and...
  • No Harmful Ingredients - CloSYS toothpaste products are SLS-free, triclosan-free, sulfate-free, and...

CloSYS toothpaste ingredients


  • Sodium fluoride 0.24%- Fluoride protects and remineralizes your teeth


  • Water
  • hydrated silica- a light abrasive to lift stains
  • stabilized naturally activated chlorine dioxide- a disinfectant
  • sarkosyl (coconut derived)- a natural foaming agent
  • disodium hydrogen phosphate- a thickening agent
  • cellulose gum- a thickening agent
  • titanium dioxide- a white pigment to boost short term whiteness
  • peppermint oil
  • sodium dihydrogen phosphate- slightly alkaline, to combat acidity
  • Sucralose- an artificial sweetener
  • menthol crystals- flavor

What’s the bottom line?

This is a great toothpaste for those with allergies to sulfates. CloSYS toothpaste is also good for people with sensitive mouths. This is because the gentle whitening ingredients won’t cause irritation. The flavor is also mild. Most importantly, the product will protect your teeth from plaque and cavities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ingredients of the toothpaste?

Find a full list of ingredients above.

Is the toothpaste free of mint flavors?

The toothpaste has a gentle mint flavor.

Is the product cruelty free?

Yes – CloSYS products are not tested on animals.

Is this product suitable for sensitive mouths?

All ingredients and flavorings are very mild. It is designed specifically for those who are sensitive to most other toothpastes

Does this toothpaste have calcium?

This product does not contain calcium, but it does contain hydrated silica and fluoride. Both of these ingredients will remineralize the surface of your tooth. Remineralization ensures that your tooth is protected from cavities.

Does this contain SLS?

SLS (Sodium laureth sulfate) is an ingredient in many toothpastes. It can trigger allergies, and cause sores in the mouth. This toothpaste contains no SLS because it is designed for sensitive mouths.

Does it prevent stains?

While no toothpaste can prevent stains, this product will help to lift them. This lightens the color of your teeth as a result. In order to prevent stains, avoid staining foods such as coffee and red wine.

What is the fluoride ppm in this toothpaste?

This product contains 0.24% Sodium fluoride which equates to 1100ppm.

Are there 2 tubes?

This product can be bought in  a 3.5 oz or 7 oz size, both of which are only a single tube. It is also available in a pack of 48 0.75 oz tubes. This amounts to 36 oz of toothpaste.

Is this toothpaste gluten free?

This toothpaste is free of gluten, sulfates and tricolsans.

CloSYS Fluoride Toothpaste, 3.4 Ounce, Travel Size, Gentle Mint, TSA Compliant, Whitening, Enamel...
  • Promotes Mouth Health - CloSYS Sensitive Toothpaste in Gentle Mint flavor fights plaque buildup, restores...
  • Cavity & Enamel Prevention - Specially formulated with fluoride, CloSYS Sensitive Toothpaste strengthens and...
  • No Harmful Ingredients - CloSYS toothpaste products are SLS-free, triclosan-free, sulfate-free, and...

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7 thoughts on “CloSYS Toothpaste Review”

  1. The only negative I have found is the screw cap tube. As this product is recommended for use by seniors, a cap that must be removed and then screwed back can be difficult for people with arthritis and can be dropped in the process. A cap that cannot be detached but snapped back shut would be a much better design.

  2. I have a severe case of “Burning Mouth Syndrome”.
    Never heard of it? Neither did I. But, I was suffering from it so badly with almost everything I ate. So embarrassing when I have to turn down delicious meals.
    I’ve tried different sensitive products, but ALL were too “Spicy”. Then I found CloSYS.
    I was totally happy! So very thrilled that I could gargle without pain, without having to spit it out in 20 sec or less. The extra tube of mint flavor is a great idea.
    I’m now excited CloSys has a Toothpaste that I can endure on my tongue. ? as well as my gums, etc.

  3. “Is the toothpaste free of mint flavors?
    The toothpaste has an optional gentle mint flavor- the flavorings are in a separate packet.”

    The answer to this question is untrue. Only the Ultra Sensitive (Original) Rinse has an optional mint flavoring that you can add if you desire.


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