Dazzling White Instant Whitening Pen: Is It Safe And Effective?

Dazzling White Instant Whitening Pen 4 Shades Whiter in 1 Week

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While many teeth whitening solutions can feel underwhelming, Dazzling White Instant Whitening Pen is a powerful product that can make your teeth up to four shades whiter in just one week (view on Amazon).

Today, many people want whiter teeth. Whiter teeth can boost your self confidence, and reverse the effects of smoking. They can also help make a good impression from job interviews to dates. Teeth whitening has never been more popular according to the ADA.

But with so many products on the market, it’s important to know the facts. Most whitening products use peroxide, a strong bleaching chemical, so buying a high-quality and reliable product is essential. Researching the right product for you can help you avoid side-effects such as gum irritation and tooth sensitivity.

In this article, you can find a short summary of the Dazzling White Instant Whitening Pen, and decide for yourself if it’s right for you.

A Brief Overview of Dazzling White Instant Whitening Pen


Dazzling White Instant Whitening Pen 4 Shades Whiter in 1 Week
  • Fast Acting- see results in just one week
  • Powerful- teeth lightened by up to four shades
  • Portable- the pen is small, and convenient for travel
  • Made in the USA


  • May cause sensitivity- tooth sensitivity can occur early on, and the product shouldn’t be allowed to touch your gums for extended periods of time.

This product is both fast and powerful, but like all teeth whitening products may cause some irritation, especially if applied incorrectly. But when you use it properly, as we’ll describe below, the Dazzling White Instant Whitening Pen can offer remarkable results.

5 things you need to know about Dazzling White Instant Whitening Pen

1. Does Dazzling White Instant Whitening Pen work?

The product works by applying a layer of gel to your teeth. The gel contains hydrogen peroxide, a kind of bleach. While it is on the surface of your teeth, it will make them whiter (view details). In pen form, the Dazzling White Instant Whitening Pen is very convenient and easy to apply. It also comes with a petroleum jelly, which is like Vaseline. This can be used to protect your gums and lips from the peroxide.

2. Is Dazzling White Instant Whitening Pen safe?

The product comes with a protective jelly for your gums and lips. However, there may still be some irritation and sensitivity at first. This product only uses around 6% hydrogen peroxide, whereas other brands such as Heraeus Kulzer’s Venus White Teeth Whitening Touch-Up Brush use 9%. This means that irritation is less likely to occur.

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3. How soon can you expect results?

As mentioned on the packaging, you can expect to see a four-shade difference in as little as a week. This depends on the proper application of the product- the protective jelly should be used each time. You should also try and cover every surface of your tooth with the gel, and leave it on for a full twenty minutes. Avoid eating or drinking for thirty minutes after application. In general, try and avoid consuming foods that stain easily such as coffee, dark sodas, or red wine.

How to use Dazzling White Instant Whitening Pen

  • Apply petroleum jelly to inside of lips and gums
  • Shake pen and twist clockwise several times until the gel covers the brush.
  • Apply a thin layer of gel onto your teeth, avoiding gums and lips. Continue to twist pen to apply more gel during application.
  • Cover all surfaces of tooth avoiding gums. Allow 20 seconds before closing mouth.
  • Leave the gel on teeth for 10 minutes, then wipe off and rinse your mouth with water.

Do not eat or drink for 30 minutes after application. Repeat as needed but no more than 2 applications per day.

4. How long will results last?

This depends on how well you look after your teeth. The product recommends a four week course of treatment for best results. It is a good idea to avoid cigarettes and staining foods for better results. Staining foods include coffee, red wine, soy sauce and cola drinks. Using a whitening toothpaste will support the Dazzling White Instant Whitening Pen, as will regular trips to the dentist and generally good dental hygiene.

5. Is there something better?

The Dazzling White Instant Whitening Pen is a good choice for budget results. However, many people are put off by the dated branding.

Another great option for budget teeth whitening is the VS1 Teeth Whitening Pen which has is made in the USA and utilizes enamel safe technology (view details). It features in our Best Teeth Whitening Pens of 2020 roundup.

For more dramatic and long lasting results, try a whitening kit like Crest 3D Whitestrips with Light.

Crest 3D Whitestrips with Light, Teeth Whitening Strip Kit, 20 Strips (10 Count Pack)
  • Crest's best and fastest whitening technology at home
  • A lightweight, disposable, water resistant, handheld device that weakens stains
  • When used as directed, Crest Whitestrips with Light whitens dramatically better than strips alone

And if you suffer from sensitive teeth opt for a product specifically designed for sensitive teeth such as Crest Gentle Routine Whitestrips. If you have any doubts, always ask your dentist.

Crest 3D Whitestrips for Sensitive Teeth, Teeth Whitening Strip Kit, 28 Strips (14 Count Pack)
  • Gently removes 15 years of stains in just 2 weeks
  • Specially formulated for teeth sensitive to whitening
  • Accepted by the American Dental Association

What’s in the box?

A standard box of Dazzling Instant Whitening Pen includes:

  • 1 Dazzling White Instant Whitening Pen
  • 1 Packet of protective Petroleum Jelly.

You can also purchase this product in a multipack of two, three, or in a larger “50 Applications” size. There is also a “Professional Strength” option, although not much information about how it differs from the original.

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Dazzling White Instant Whitening Pen Ingredients

Active: Hydrogen peroxide (6%)

Inactive:  Purified water, SDA 38B (preservative), Polyvinyl pyrrolidone (thickening agent), Polyethylene glycol (dispersant)


Dazzling White Instant Whitening Pen is a fast-acting, portable, and convenient way to get a brighter smile. It comes with a protective Petroleum Jelly, which means that irritation is less likely to occur, and can be bought in multipacks that will ultimately save you a fair bit of money. Consider this product for its reasonable price point and quick, visible results (see it here).

See how the Dazzling White Instant Whitening Pen compares in our Best Teeth Whitening Pens round up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I leave this on overnight or should I wash it off before I go to bed?

Rinse out your mouth thoroughly with water after each use- leaving it on for longer than the advised thirty minutes can cause teeth sensitivity

What are the ingredients?

Active: Hydrogen peroxide (Percentage of hydrogen peroxide is 6%.)

Inactive:  Purified water, SDA 38B (preservative), Polyvinyl pyrrolidone (thickening agent), Polyethylene glycol (dispersant)

Does the pen just color on top of your teeth? Or does it chemically whiten them?

The peroxide in the product will chemically whiten your teeth, meaning that results will be more long lasting.

How many applications per tube?

There seems to be less than 50 per tube.

Can I use this product immediately after using whitening gel for 15 minutes?

This may result in increased sensitivity and irritation- ask your dentist before combining products.

Is it safe for enamel?

The product is designed to be safely used with natural teeth- it won’t cause damage to our enamel if used correctly.

How do I use this?

Apply a thin layer of gel on teeth, and leave for thirty minutes. For more detailed instructions, see above.

I have Braces! Can I still use this?

It’s recommended that you wait for your braces to be removed for best results.

How can I use this with the whitening led light?

If you are combining these two products (ask your dentist first), then the light should be used after the pen.

Does it swell up your gums?

If used correctly, following all safety instructions, there should only be some slight sensitivity during the initial stages of treatment.

How long does it take to whiten?

You should be able to see visible results in just one week!

Do you have to smile with your mouth open while it’s on and how long do you leave it on for?

Although the protective jelly should prevent contact between lips and teeth, it’s best to “smile” during the treatment, so that the gel doesn’t come into contact with lips and gums

How often do I need to use it? Can I use it everyday?

You can certainly use it everyday, but the packaging doesn’t recommend you use it for longer than four weeks. You may find that treatment everyday in the first week, then occasional treatment in subsequent weeks, works best.

Dazzling White Instant Whitening Pen 4 Shades Whiter in 1 Week
  • Dazzling white instant whitening pen 4 shades whiter
  • Made in USA
  • Instant whitening pen

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