H2Ofloss hf-8 Whisper Review

The h2ofloss hf-8 (Whisper) claims to be one of the quietest water flossers on the market. At around half the price of other competing brands, it is a great choice for those looking to care for their dental hygiene and their wallet.

With a mission to provide high quality dental jets at an affordable price, h2ofloss products have been at work in bathrooms across the world since 2010. Their latest product, the Hf-8 aka the Whisper, boasts many of the core features to look out for in a good water flosser.

Is h2ofloss good value for money?

Extremely quiet – only 50dbLarge and not attractive as other models
Large water capacity – over 2 minutes of flossing time at full pressureOnly 6 pressure settings (compared to other models with 10)
Pressure range 5-110psiPressure settings control on handle
Nasal sinus cleaningTips aren’t that robust
12 color coded flossing tips 
2 year replacement warranty 
Competitive price 

The H2ofloss hf-8 is an overall great product. The minor concessions of appearance and pressure settings pale when you consider its amazing water capacity, noise level and competitive price.

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Reviewing the h2ofloss hf-8

Sounds good so far? Let’s take a look at the details.

Extremely quiet

The h2ofloss hf-8 isn’t called the Whisper for nothing. One of the most attractive qualities of this water flosser is that it operates at just 50db which is comparable to the background noise at the library. This is especially handy if you will be flossing whilst others in the home are asleep. Other water flossers can be quite loud and nobody wants to choose between their oral health and waking a sleeping child!

Large capacity reservoir of 900ml

900ml is larger than the average water flosser allowing for over 2 minutes of flossing time at maximum pressure. This allows you to really take your time to ensure that all surfaces of your teeth are properly cleaned without the hassle of refilling. However, the larger reservoir does have its drawbacks: it makes for an overall bulkier device which, paired with a slightly dated design, means the hf-8 does not look quite as sleek as rival models.

Pressure range from 5-110psi BUT only 6 pressure controls

The hf-8 has a great pressure range: from 5psi for gentle nasal cleansing to 110psi for the most thorough dental work. However, within this range, there are only 6 settings to choose from, compared to 10 settings that many other countertop models offer. Don’t let this put you off though – cordless models frequently only have 3 settings, so the hf-8 still has twice the options of its cordless counterparts. Regular water flosser users typically use up to 3 pressure settings so this isn’t a big issue, but building up to your desired pressure may be less comfortable in the short term.

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