Waterpik Ultra Review

The Waterpik Ultra water flosser is brought to you by Waterpik, the #1 recommended water flosser brand among dental professionals. Since 1962, Water Pik, Inc. has been developing innovative oral care products.  And each model has its own unique features and benefits. The Waterpik Ultra features 10 different pressure settings, meaning you get a great clean whether you are focusing on improving gum health, cleaning between braces or maintaining dental work such as implants, crowns or veneers. We all know we should floss daily and brush twice a day.  But not everyone is willing or able to commit to incorporating flossing into their daily routine. However, water flossing really is the easy, fast and effective way to optimize your oral hygiene routine in just 60-seconds per day:

  • Easy – It is easy to use and does all the work for you.
  • Fast – It allows you to enjoy healthier gums and brighter teeth in just a minute a day!
  • Effective – It removes plaque and debris where traditional brushing and flossing just cannot reach.

Using a water flosser daily helps remove debris and left over food particles from in between teeth and around the gum line. Thus preventing gingivitis, gum disease and bad breath. Also, water flossing is clinically proven to be more effective than string flossing.  So it makes perfect sense to incorporate this easy, fast and effective method into your daily routine.  And with the Waterpik Ultra, you can do just that!

Notable Features

Since every Waterpik model is different, let’s look at some notable features of the Waterpik Ultra water flosser:

10 pressure settings

With 10 adjustable water-pressure settings, you will have control of how gentle or strong you want your water flossing experience to be. The settings are between 10 to 90 PSI and offer 1,400 pulses per minute to keep your teeth clean and gums healthy. Just choose the setting that is right for you and you are on your way to an amazing clean.

A sleek, contemporary, and quiet design

At less than one and a half pounds, this countertop water flossing model has an improved design that takes up less space and has a self-contained, covered reservoir. This model is also much quieter than previous versions, so you are not likely to wake your entire house up while flossing! The design also features an ergonomic handle with a pause button, a feature not available on other models.

A covered reservoir with in-lid tip storage

The covered reservoir is a nice feature, especially with the added storage space for flossing tips. This keeps everything organized and self-contained, without having to figure out how to store tips in a sanitary way. Also, the tank holds 22 ounces of water, enough for 90-seconds of use. Since it is recommended that you floss for 60-seconds, you will get plenty of cleaning time with one fill.

6 unique flossing tips

The Waterpik Ultra water flosser comes with more tips than some of the other models, including:

Classic Jet Tip (2x) – this is the standard water flossing tip with the hard-plastic end that comes with every Waterpik device. Since two tips are included these are color-coded so two members of your household can utilize the flosser right out of the box.

Plaque Seeker Tip (1x) – A tip which is great for dental work like crowns, implants and veneers, and is clinically proven to remove up to 99.9% of plaque from treated areas in 3 seconds. It is also up to 2x as effective for improving gum health around implants vs. string floss.

Orthodontic Tip (1x) – this tip is composed of a tapered brush and helps to remove hard-to-reach plaque around braces. It is also proven to be up to 3 as effective for removing plaque around braces vs. string floss.

Pik Pocket™ Tip (1x) – A tip developed for use on periodontal pockets and furcations. It’s composed of a soft rubber tip that is gentle and offers low-pressure delivery of water below the gum line for optimal rinsing.

Water Flosser Toothbrush Tip (1x) – By combining brushing and flossing, this tip allows you to save even more time on your daily dental routine! And you can use this tip with or without toothpaste for an ultimate clean.

360-degree tip rotation

Another terrific feature of the Waterpik Ultra water flosser is the 360-degree tip rotation.  This allows the flosser tip to clean in front of and behind teeth without having to reposition the handle. Thus saving time for the busy professional or parent and preventing difficulties for those with dexterity challenges.

With these features, could there be anything more functionally appealing about the Waterpik Ultra? The answer is yes! This water flosser is ADA accepted based on findings that it is safe and effective at removing plaque along the gum line and between teeth, helping to reduce or prevent gingivitis by providing a deep clean, plus massaging and stimulating the gums. And clinical studies show that, when used regularly, the Waterpik Ultra gives you healthier gums within 14 days of use.

Getting Started

The Waterpik Ultra water flosser, along with many models by Waterpik, is easy to use right out of the box. In just six quick steps you can begin and end your water flossing routine:

  1. Prepare the reservoir by filling it with lukewarm water.
  2. Select and insert the flossing tip of your choosing.
  3. Prime the unit during the first use only.
  4. Adjust the pressure and pause controls to get used to the mechanism.
  5. Start to use your water flosser by leaning over the sink, closing your lips around the tip and allowing the water to flow over teeth and gums.
  6. When finished, remove the tip by pushing the eject button.

Click here to access the step-by-step quick start guide to see how easy it is to begin using the Waterpik Ultra! Plus, we all know that brushing your teeth, even twice daily, is not enough to prevent bad breath and gum disease.  Why?  Because it still leaves food particles and debris between teeth and gums. Luckily, the Waterpik Ultra water flosser can help improve your oral hygiene significantly by being:

  • Capable of removing up to 99.9% of plaque from treated areas.
  • Up to 3x as effective for braces vs. string floss.
  • Almost 2x as effective for implants vs. string floss.
  • Nearly 50% more effective for gum health vs. string floss.

The Waterpik Ultra water flosser is a functional, modern and affordable choice for improving your daily oral hygiene routine. With over 8,600 reviews on Amazon.com, the Waterpik Ultra water flosser scored 4.4 out of 5 stars, retails for $59.99, comes with a three-year warranty and is available in black or white models.

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