Jetpik JP200: Which Is The Best?

Jetpik’s JP200 water flosser range is like no other. It combines oral irrigation, dental floss and a sonic toothbrush, providing a more effective clean than your standard water flosser.

They’ve been clinically proven to remove up to 99% of plaque from treated areas. Additionally, they are rechargeable flossers, which means that you don’t have to plug them into a power source during use.

“Lab test proven to be 240% more effective to remove plaque and biofilm than any oral irrigator.”

The water flossers in the Jetpik JP200 range are:

  • JP200 Home
  • JP200 Elite
  • JP200 Ultra
  • JP200 Travel

Jetpik’s core principle is that oral care should be easy, effective and accessible to everyone. They specialise in oral hygiene products that combine normal water flossers with dental floss.

The JP200 range is a line of water flossers which come with various combinations of extras. The Ultra features all of the accessories, whilst the other three offer a more tailored selection. But is the Ultra really worth the extra price tag? We’ll find out which model comes out on top in this review.

 Side by side features

Ultra Elite Home Travel
JP 200 power handle Yes Yes Yes Yes
Jetpik nozzles 3 3 2 1
Floss cartridges 10 10 2 3
Power toothbrushes 2 2 2 1
Water tube and clip Yes Yes Yes
Water reservoir cup Yes Yes Yes
UV sanitiser Yes
Accessory holder and cup holder Yes Yes Yes
Tongue cleaner Yes Yes Yes
Travel kit case Yes Yes Yes
Charger base Yes Yes Yes Yes
USB and AC adapter Yes Yes Yes Yes
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Jetpik have one other water flosser that does not fall in the JP200 line. This is the JP210 Solo.

Which is best?

When choosing a superior model, you should think about exactly what you want to use your flosser for. While the Home and Travel have less features than the Ultra and Elite, the truth is that you probably don’t want to be hauling around the extras if you’re on the move. Furthermore, the number of extra features are reflected in the price, with the Home flosser being the most affordable. The Ultra and Elite are very similar, yet the Elite appears to be a favourite amongst customers.

A free, downloadable manual and quick start guide is available for each flosser. These can be found on the relevant product page on Jetpik’s website.

7 Key Features of the Jetpik JP200 Range

1.) Revolutionary Floss Technology

Jetpik introduces new technologies when it comes to oral hygiene. Not only do they combine unusual features in their water flossers; they deliver incredible results. Their floss technology has been clinically proven to be 240% more effective at removing plaque than any of their competitors! As well as this, their products have been proven to remove up to 99% of plaque from the treated areas. Jetpik are so confident in their flossers that they offer a full refund if your gums and teeth aren’t healthier and cleaner after 7 days of correct Jetpik use.

2.) Electric Dental Floss

Unlike any other water flosser, the JP200 range features dental floss as well as the standard forms of water flossing. This electric dental floss creates extra friction, which scrubs the teeth more effectively. It also forces plaque away from the gum lines. Each model comes with between 2 and 10 floss cartridges.

3.) Powered Toothbrushes

Powered toothbrushes are great for effective cleaning, and each model in the JP200 range comes with at least one. The addition of the toothbrushes and dental floss proves that Jetpik has created something superior to your standard water flosser. Instead, the JP200 combines several aspects of oral hygiene in order to provide the most effective clean.

4.) Jetpik Nozzles

It’s not uncommon for water flossers to come with several different specialist nozzles. However, all of the nozzles included in the JP200 range are identical. Rather than serving a different purpose, they are there to distinguish between different people who use the same flosser. This is because the nozzles are effective on a range of different teeth, including those with implants, crowns or braces.


5.) Jetpik Power Handle

The Jetpik Power Handle features on all four of the JP200 models. It has two different speeds which accommodate for both the toothbrush and the water flosser. The controls for changing between the speeds are located on the back of the handle itself. This means that it’s easy to switch during flossing or brushing.

6.) UV Sanitiser

The UV sanitiser is the crowning feature of the Ultra water flosser. It’s also, unfortunately, the reason why it costs $40 more than the next model, the Elite. However, this UV sanitiser is a unique and innovative feature. With most water flossers, hygiene can be an issue, as it’s easy for stale water to get stuck in the system. When this happens, unwanted bacteria can grow, and that’s something you really don’t want in your mouth. The UV sanitiser effectively cleans both the water flossing nozzle and the electric toothbrush head.

7.) Good value for money

“$120! Good value for money?!” you may be thinking. But stop to consider what you’re getting for that price, and you’ll realise it really IS good value. Aside from the Home model, all come with 2 power toothbrushes, which can be pricey when bought individually. Most of the models come with oral cleaning luxuries such as a tongue cleaner and an accessory holder. If you think of the JP200 as more of a kit than simply just a flosser, there’s no doubt that it’s worth the price tag!

Which Jetpik comes out on top?

The most important thing to think about when deciding between a flosser in the JP200 range is what you want your flosser to do. Each model has a distinct advantage: the Ultra is superior in features; the Elite is the best value for money; the Travel is the most portable; the Home is the most affordable.

Every model in the Jetpik J200 range delivers when it comes to effective oral hygiene. Whilst the Ultra features an impressive range of extras, it’s up to you to decide if the UV sanitiser is worth the additional $40. Either way, the Elite makes a strong argument – for just $80, it covers a huge range of accessories, including 2 powered toothbrushes and a tongue cleaner. However, if you’re looking for something a little more affordable and basic, then the Travel and Home both pull their weight at a lower price tag!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the warranty?

All Jetpik products come with a 2 year warranty.

Are there options for different color cups?

Yes, you can purchase additional different colored cups to go with your Jetpik. However, a blue cup will come with the product as a default.

What is the pressure range?

The Jetpik JP200 flossers have a pressure range of around 30-70psi.

What voltage are the flosser on?

All Jetpik products have a range of 110-24o volts so can be used worldwide.

How does the JP200 differ from the JP50?

The JP50 is an earlier model with only water and dental flossing. It does not include the sonic toothbrush function.

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