Oral Breeze: Which One To Buy And What You Need To Know

The Oral Breeze oral irrigation range offers some of the best priced water flossers on the market. Unlike other water flossers, the ShowerBreeze and QuickBreeze both attach to your tap or shower, which means that you don’t need an electrical power source.


This is particularly handy if your bathroom doesn’t have a power socket or if you’re not keen on the idea of a battery-powered flosser. Because these flossers attach to a faucet, they don’t need a reservoir. You’ll never have to remember to fill your reservoir before flossing, or pause mid-floss to refill it.

Oral Breeze is a veteran owned and operated company. They specialize in products that attach to faucets, rather than ones that require electricity. 

Attaching to a tap seems like a great idea, but do these flossers really work as effectively as their more common competitors? We’ll find out in this review.

What you need to know:

Most water flossers you come across fall into two main categories: cordless and countertop. 

  • Cordless models either need charging or are battery powered
  • Countertop models plug into a power source

Water flossers in both groups have a feature called a “reservoir”. This is a space which you fill up with water prior to (and sometimes during) flossing.

The ShowerBreeze and QuickBreeze both fall into a third, much smaller category: those that attach to a faucet.

This simply means that they have special attachments for your tap so that when you floss, the water runs straight from the tap into your flosser, without a need for a reservoir.

What great features do the Oral Breeze products share?

When it comes down to it, the ShowerBreeze and QuickBreeze are very similar in design. The biggest difference comes in the water source: the ShowerBreeze attaches to your shower, whilst the QuickBreeze attaches to the tap in your sink.

This innovative design means that neither of them needs a power source so that you can avoid the hazard of mixing electricity and water. Furthermore, neither of the flossers have loud electric motors, so you don’t have to worry about disturbing your roommates when you floss!

One of the perks of attaching to a tap is that you won’t run out of water when flossing. Not only does this provide a more thorough floss, but it means that it’s less messy. Flossing can leave pieces of dislodged plaque and food in your mouth or sink, but the infinite water stream promptly washes any debris away. This is especially true if you’re flossing in the shower!

Oral Breeze: comparable features

Attaches toShowerBathroom tap
StorageOnce attached to the shower, it stays thereEasy to detach and pack away
Water flowYou decide how much of the shower water is diverted through the flosserAll of the water from the tap flows through the flosser, so the pressure is controlled by the tap flow

Which is best?

Honestly? They’re on pretty level ground. Rather than one flosser being superior to the other, they have different features which are ideal for different uses.

The ShowerBreeze is a semi-permanent installation, meaning that once you install it, there’s no real need to remove it. In comparison, the QuickBreeze is easy to detach and pack away, so that it doesn’t take up much space in the bathroom.

The QuickBreeze attachment has an on/off switch which you set to divert water through the flosser, and so the pressure is controlled by the tap settings.

With the Showerbreeze, you get to decide how much water from the shower is diverted through the flosser. Unlike the QuickBreeze, where pressure is determined by turning the tap up/down, the amount of water diverted through the flosser determines the pressure for flossing. This also means that you can continue to shower (or simply keep warm) whilst flossing!

5 Key Features Compared

1.) Convenience

Winner: ShowerBreeze

Once you’ve set up the attachment for the flossers, they’re both easy to use. However, you don’t need to remove the ShowerBreeze hose after the initial set up – it’s always ready to go! The QuickBreeze doesn’t need detaching after use either, as the attachment comes with a valve which is responsible for diverting the water. However, it may be preferable to detach because it attaches to the sink and the hose may get in the way of normal function, especially if you have young children.

2.) Portability

Winner: QuickBreeze

If you’re looking for a flosser that you can take on your travels, the QuickBreeze storms ahead. Whilst it’s not impossible to take the ShowerBreeze with you, it’s probably more hassle than it’s worth. This is because the ShowerBreeze stays put after you install it. The QuickBreeze is easily detachable and attaches to most sink tap faucets, making it ideal if you’re on the move.

3.) Easy to keep clean

Winner: ShowerBreeze

Both the ShowerBreeze and the Oral Breeze are far easier to clean and therefore more hygienic than many of their competitors. Due to the innovative design of the flosser attaching to a faucet, water flows through the flosser without the need for a reservoir. This helps to avoid the risk of bacterial growth as there is nowhere for the stale water to get stuck.  However, the tube never really gets fully dry, which means that it’s a good idea to rinse out the flosser with a stream of water before use.

The ShowerBreeze ultimately trumps the QuickBreeze when it comes to cleanliness since it’s easier to get the water hotter in the shower. Hotter water kills any lingering germs more effectively than cold water!

4.) Ease of installation

Winner: QuickBreeze

Since the ShowerBreeze is a semi-permanent installation (once you have attached it, you just leave it there), it takes a bit more effort to set up. The QuickBreeze installs without tools and you can uninstall it at any time.

5.) Affordability

Winner: Both

Both the QuickBreeze and the ShowerBreeze are very competitively priced. Cheaper than most for countertop models! They also avoid added costs associated with the need for a power source.

Which Oral Breeze flosser is better?

When it comes down to it, the QuickBreeze and ShowerBreeze are fairly equal. Both are effective and easy to use, as well as being some of the most affordable flossers on the market. If you’re looking for a portable flosser that won’t break the bank, the QuickBreeze should certainly be under your consideration. If you’d rather floss in the shower, the ShowerBreeze is the way to go! 


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