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Oral-B’s Vitality toothbrush is one of the cheapest brushes on the market. It comes in two different variants: the Vitality Dual Clean and the Vitality Floss Action. Both models feature the same high quality handle but make use of different brush heads in order to produce specific results.

Oral-B are known for their quality when it comes to oral hygiene products and this cheap and cheerful brush is no exception. But choosing the right toothbrush for you can be difficult when so many options exist. Furthermore, a poor choice can lead to you wasting hundreds of dollars on a product that you never use.

Balancing safety, effectiveness and cost can be a challenge. However, this Oral-B Vitality review is here to help you decide if this toothbrush is right for you.

The first thing that is important to know when considering the Oral-B Vitality toothbrush is the variation in models.

The Vitality can be bought under two different names:

  • the Floss Action (view)
  • the Dual Clean (view)

Despite the difference in titles, the specifications of the handle are exactly the same – the difference comes in the brush heads (more on this later).

Oral-B Vitality Performance

  • Removes more plaque than a manual toothbrush
  • Dual Clean head provides twice the cleaning than a manual toothbrush
  • Oral-B is the #1 dentist recommended and used oral hygiene brand worldwide

How does the Oral-B Vitality work?

The Vitality handle provides a superior clean to your standard manual toothbrush by ensuring pulsations and oscillations of the head. Furthermore, the timer makes it easy to brush for a full two minutes – as per the ADA’s recommendations.

The Floss Action head is designed to reach deep between teeth and provide a tooth-by-tooth clean.

The Dual Clean head features two brush zones to enable a more thorough clean.

What’s in the box?

The standard Oral-B Vitality comes with:

  • 1x Vitality brush handle
  • 1x charger
  • 2x brush heads*

* Choose between Floss Action or Dual Clean brush heads. However, please be aware that these are sold as separate products – ensure that you are selecting the correct item before purchase.

Key features of the Oral-B Vitality brushes

FeatureFloss ActionDual Clean
Price ($)(see price)(see price)
Timer2 minute timer2 minute timer
ModesDaily clean modeDaily clean mode
Brush heads2x Floss Action2x Dual Clean
Oscillations per minute76007600

Oral-B Vitality Pros

  • Cheaper than most other electric toothbrushes
  • More effective than manual toothbrushes
  • Comes with more brush heads than most other budget electric toothbrushes

Oral-B Vitality Cons

  • Less cleaning modes than many other electric toothbrushes
  • Doesn’t have a pressure sensor to help protect your teeth

4 Key features unpacked

1. Brush heads

The Oral-B Vitality is sold with a choice of Floss Action or Dual Clean brush heads.

Dual clean: this brush head features a unique design of two cleaning areas on one head in order to provide a more thorough clean. It also aids effective plaque removal (view).

Floss action: this brush head features MicroPulse bristles which provide a deep clean. Its classic round shape is professionally inspired and ensures an effective brush (view).

However, the Vitality is compatible with all of Oral-B’s electric toothbrush heads.

2. Timer

According to the ADA, you should brush your teeth for 2 minutes twice a day. The Vitality handle has an in built 2 minute timer which enables you to brush perfectly every single time you clean your teeth. It means that you don’t have to worry about timing yourself – it will automatically notify you with a buzz when it’s time to finish up.

3. Cleaning modes

The Vitality features just one cleaning mode, but it is perfect for a classic clean. The Daily Clean mode is ideal for regular use and provides an effective clean every time. It also works with any of the specialist brush heads listed above.

4. Battery life

The Vitality lasts for 5 days without charging. This means 5 full days – or 20 minutes of brushing – before it needs to be plugged back into the socket.

How does the Oral-B Vitality compare?

Oral-B is notorious for producing some of the best electric toothbrushes available. The Oral-B Pro range includes several toothbrushes ranging from the budget-end Pro 500 to the impressive Genius (aka the Pro 8000).

The Vitality is one of the cheapest brushes out there. But how does it match up to some of Oral-B’s better-known brushes? The Pro 1000 is one of the best when it comes to value for money; the Pro 7000 is toothbrush that does not hold back on features. All of these brushes feature the handy 2 minute timer, but that is where the similarities end.

FeatureVitalityPro 1000Pro 7000
Modes1. Daily clean1. Daily clean1. Daily clean


2. Gum care

3. Sensitive

4. Whitening

5. Deep clean

6. Tongue clean

Pressure sensorNoYesYes (LED)
Battery life (days)5710
Oscillations per minute760088008800+
Pulsations per minute2000040000+
Brush heads2x Floss Action OR Dual CleanCross ActionCross Action


Sensitive Clean

Pro White

Latest PriceSee priceSee priceSee price

Who is the Oral-B Vitality suitable for?

The Vitality is suitable for people who:

  • Want an effective toothbrush at a budget price
  • Aren’t looking for specific modes to address problems such as whitening
  • Want an easy-to-use brush with no complicated features

The Vitality is certainly a budget brush to be rivaled. However, it is inappropriate for those who have sensitive teeth, as it features only the Daily Clean mode. A more appropriate brush would be the Pro 5000, which features five different modes including a sensitive and a deep clean mode.

Reliability and long term use

Oral-B is one of the most well respected and trusted oral hygiene brands in the world. In fact, it is the #1 dentist recommended and used brand worldwide. However, while Oral-B products carry high expectations when it comes to product life, you must remember that this is depended on correct usage of the brush. In order to prolong the longevity of the Vitality, you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Oral-B Vitality warranty and customer support

However, if issues do arise, it is important to know that good customer service options are available. Oral-B offer various methods of customer support, including live chat, email and telephone options.

Furthermore, the Vitality comes with a 2 year warranty.


The Vitality is the cheapest electric toothbrush on the market from the renowned oral hygiene company, Oral-B. It is effective in its purpose: to thoroughly clean the teeth on a daily basis. If you are looking for a budget brush which promises to deliver, the Vitality is one of the best options around.

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Frequently asked questions

Does the charger have an indicator light to show that it’s charging?

No, it does not. Once the handle is seated correctly on the charger, it will begin charging automatically.

Do you need to press and hold the button while brushing?

No, you don’t. Press once to turn it on, and once it has buzzed to notify you that your two minutes are up, press again to turn it off.

Can the handle be used with regular Oral-B brush heads?

The Vitality handle is compatible with all of Oral-B’s electric toothbrush heads.

Can you change the speed of the oscillations?

The oscillations of the brush head are set to one specific speed which cannot be changed.

Does it have a 30 second timer to indicate when to move on to the next quadrant?

No, this toothbrush only features a 2 minute end-of-brush timer. If you would like a brush that features the pro timer (every 30 seconds), you should consider the Pro 500.

Can I use the Floss Action head instead of my usual flossing?

No you should not. The Floss Action head enables a deeper clean as the MicroPulse bristles reach in between the teeth. However, this is not as effective as standard floss and should not replace any other aspect of your oral cleaning regime.

Does this toothbrush use USB charging?

No it does not. The Vitality is charged using the charging base, which is provided on purchasing the toothbrush.

Size guide

Product dimensions: 2 x 4.3 x 9.5 inches

Weight: 14.4 ounces

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