ViaJet Pro Oral Irrigator: Cheap and Cheerful, or Just Cheap?

Viajet Pro Oral Irrigator - Water Flosser

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The ViaJet Pro Oral Irrigator is one of the most affordable countertop water flossers on the market.

Despite being cheaper than other models, the ViaJet Pro can still hold its own against its competitors. The ViaJet Pro is uniquely designed with a fingertip handle control. This means that you can adjust pressure settings without interrupting your flossing regime, and the flosser can be turned on and off easily.

Compared to popular manufacturers like Waterpik, OraTec may be a lesser-known name when it comes to dental products, but that certainly does not make it a lesser brand. Founded in 1986, OraTec is now the leading company in several periodontal areas. Additionally, they produce a variety of oral hygiene products ideal for home use.

But is the ViaJet Pro cheap and cheerful or just cheap? We’ll find out in this review.

Water flossers can come in many different shapes and sizes. However, you’ll find that the majority of them fall into two distinct categories: cordless and countertop. Countertop models, like the ViaJet Pro, plug into a power source. This means that they often are more powerful than cordless models, which need charging or batteries. However, due to this, they’re often more expensive. Both cordless and countertop models feature a “reservoir”, which is a space that you fill with water before use. In cordless water flossers, this is typically self-contained and smaller than the countertop equivalents, which sit on top of the unit.

ViaJet Pro Oral Irrigator Pros and Cons


Viajet Pro Oral Irrigator - Water Flosser
  • Cheaper than most countertop models
  • Variable water pressure
  • Sturdy reservoir
  • Appropriate for use with irrigating solutions
  • 4 tips
  • Small size


  • May be difficult to clean

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There are two main reasons why people avoid purchasing a countertop water flosser. Firstly, the price, and secondly, the lack of countertop space. The compact ViaJet Pro successfully addresses both of these issues, and it also features a sliding variable pressure. This unique design provides infinite different pressure settings, rather than a set number. Most countertop models provide 10 different pressure settings whilst cordless offer even less with just 3. Whilst some users admit to finding the ViaJet Pro difficult to clean, OraTec provides information on how to prevent cannula clogging, and maintain high levels of hygiene.

5 Key Features of the ViaJet Pro Oral Irrigator

1. In-handle variable water pressure

Unlike other water flossers, the ViaJet Pro does not have a series of buttons to select pressure setting. Instead, it has a fingertip slider built in to the handle, meaning that you can adjust the pressure anywhere within the provided range. It ranges from water drops to substantial pressure, and everything in between. The highest pressure setting helps to get rid of built-up plaque and bacteria, achieving the most thorough clean. Because the pressure slider is in the handle, you can easily change pressure settings during your flossing routine. This is a really helpful feature if you have areas of your mouth that are more sensitive than others. It also makes it more precise and gives you total control. Furthermore, the on/off buttons are also located on the handle. This means that you don’t have to reach across the bathroom in order to turn your flosser on or off.

2. The redesigned reservoir

Water flosser reservoirs can often leak if they are of poor quality.  A leaking reservoir isn’t very useful for flossing – if you’ve got no water left, you can’t water floss. And aside from that – it’s just messy! Luckily, OraTec specialize in products for professional use, so the ViaJet is simply an adapted version of these. This means that the reservoir has been tried and tested by professionals, before OraTec re-designed it for home use. Because of this, it’s sturdier than most, as well as being spill-proof and nearly break-proof. It also boasts a convenient flip-top refill lid, as well as measuring cup lines from 100-500ml (its maximum capacity). This is particularly helpful if you’re using antimicrobial agents as its easy to measure them out and mix them. Additionally, you can use almost any irrigating solutions with the ViaJet Pro – just make sure they’re not corrosive to plastic.

3. A variety of extras

Most flossers come with 1 or 2 different tips, but the ViaJet Pro comes with 4: 2 standard tips and 2 rubber tips. An optional deep pocket attachment is also available. This attachment is ideal for below the gum irrigation, providing a more thorough floss than most other models.

4. Affordability

If you’re being honest, the price tag on a water flosser is probably a deciding factor as to whether or not you’re willing to purchase it. The ViaJet Pro is very affordable.

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5. Compact size

In comparison to many other countertop flossers, the ViaJet Pro doesn’t take up a huge amount of space. With a footprint smaller than a piece of A5 paper, it’s preferable to some models which can be substantially larger. This is ideal if you really want a countertop water flosser but aren’t sure if you have the counter space for one.

The verdict

The ViaJet successfully houses a variety of different pressures in a unique and innovative design, making it stand out amongst countertop flossers. The fingertip slider makes it far more precise than other models, where you can only choose from a range of predetermined settings. It manages to combine adequate resources for effective flossing with a reduced size and price tag. And it’s easy to use. Furthermore, the extra care taken in designing the reservoir of the ViaJet Pro means you may find it simpler and more durable than other flossers. If you’re looking for a countertop water flosser that’s great value for money, the ViaJet Pro is certainly worth investing in!

Viajet Pro Oral Irrigator - Water Flosser
  • 4 Tips (2 standard & 2 Rubber Points)
  • 1,200 Pulsating Jets a Minutes to Irrigatate Nooks & Crannies
  • Clean around braces with adjustable speeds

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2 thoughts on “ViaJet Pro Oral Irrigator: Cheap and Cheerful, or Just Cheap?”

  1. I have the ViaJet Pro. It has started leaking. I cleaned all the places that seemed logical to the issue however, it is still leaking. Can I purchase a replacement part to fix this? It is leaking from the reservoir.

    • This happens to me on these models. Every couple years an internal plastic part of the valve breaks loose. First there is a little leaking (at that point order a new one ASAP) within a couple weeks the pressure of the pump will go down and the thing is useless. But, there is no part available even if you are handy. More recently, Oratec appears to have switched over to a new design that is a replicate of the WaterPik design. The new design is useless to me. Arrgh! – Alan


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