Pros and Cons of Using Waxed Floss

Floss is not only meant to remove plaque and food particles from your gum lines and teeth but also to help stimulate your gums.

You can even massage your gums first before flossing to make it more efficient. You’ll come across multiple types of dental floss. Waxed dental floss is among the most popular.

This floss offers numerous advantages. The slick coating makes it possible to use the floss in many different ways. However, this thick floss can prove unsuitable for some people due to their teeth’s configuration. It’s best to find a floss thickness that can be used safely depending on how close together your teeth are.

We’ll discuss both the pros and cons of using waxed floss in this article. It should primarily help determine whether this floss type is right for you.

Benefits of waxed floss

  • Waxed floss features a wax that covers a thin nylon string. This wax can be flavored to make for a more pleasant flossing experience, depending on the exact kind of floss you’re using.
  • Waxed floss is relatively sturdier than other unwaxed flosses. If your teeth have sharp corners, awkward angles, or small spaces when flossing your teeth, the added strength of waxed floss can be very beneficial. Also, waxed floss won’t fray or break easily while it’s in use.
  • It is greatly suitable for and preferred by those with braces. Braces have metal fixtures which can easily snag un-waxed floss. Fortunately, waxed floss is stiffer. It’ll be easier to thread waxed floss around braces and various other dental fixtures.
  • Waxed floss has a slippery texture. That makes it easier for this floss to slide in between the teeth. It’d prove appreciably useful for those whose teeth are crowded close together.

Disadvantages of waxed floss

  • The slippery texture of waxed floss is both an upside and downside as well. Some people might prefer unwaxed floss. That’s because the uncoated floss is thinner and consequently easier to fit into smaller spaces.
  • Some people also find the waxy feel of this floss type somehow disturbing. It can also be difficult to attain a tight grip, although that’s dependent on how you hold the floss.
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Is Waxed Floss Right for You?

The answer is entirely dependent on your personal preferences, as well as the performance of various flosses in your case. When choosing floss, it’s also necessary that you consider other factors aside from the coating. For instance, it’d be better to consider making use of dental tape instead of dental floss if you’ve large spaces between your teeth. Dental tape is much wider and would eliminate plaque from areas that would only be grazed by regular dental floss.

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As well, you can opt for flavored waxed floss. Some people choose mint or cinnamon flavors to make their flossing experience more enjoyable, in addition to getting a refreshing clean breath. Test the performance of one floss type against another by yourself to find the floss that suits you best. Regardless of the floss type you choose, daily flossing is strongly recommended for all individuals. It’s an incredibly useful part of maintaining a healthy mouth.

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