Sonic FX Solo Toothbrush

The Sonic Fx Solo toothbrush is a high-powered sonic toothbrush capable of 33,000 strokes per minute. Because of this, the Sonic Fx brush guarantees a deep clean by massaging the gums and allowing users to choose between 3 unique brushing modes. Along with this, the Sonic Fx toothbrush has a built in smart-timer to track your brush time; this ensures teeth become cleaner and whiter with every brush.

With the wealth of sonic toothbrushes on the market today, it can seem difficult to know where to begin when looking for a long-term toothbrush option. In fact, choosing the wrong brush can cost you time, money, and even your dental health. When considering a sustainable toothbrush for long-term use, it is important to be mindful of certain features—some of which can improve, or hinder, your oral hygiene routine.

This Sonic Fx Solo toothbrush review is here to help you decide whether this is the brush for you.

Sonic Fx Solo Toothbrush Performance

  • 33,000 brush strokes per minute for advanced brushing.
  • 3 unique brushing modes for problem areas.
  • 2-minute timer to ensure optimal brushing time.

How does the Sonic Fx Solo toothbrush work?

Like most sonic toothbrushes, the Sonic Fx Solo toothbrush uses sonic-wave vibrations to target all areas of the mouth for a superior clean. By using 3 speed settings, users can choose the intensity level (which is great for those with sensitive teeth). Besides that, there is a special gum massage option, which specifically targets the gumline (an area which many brushers miss or underclean).

What’s in the box?

The standard Sonic Fx Solo toothbrush includes:

  • 1 sonic toothbrush
  • 2 brush heads
  • 1 interdental head
  • Power supply
  • Set of instructions

Sonic Fx Solo toothbrush options

The Sonic Fx Solo toothbrush is currently available in the following color options:

  1. White.
  2. Black.

In addition, the Sonic Fx Solo replacement brush heads are available separately for purchase.

Key features of the Sonic Fx Solo toothbrush

FeaturesSonic Fx Solo toothbrush
Brush per minute33,000
Brushing mode3 clean modes
Battery life3 weeks
Charging optionsSolo charging dock and stand
Brush head replacements2 brush heads and 1 interdental head

Sonic Fx Solo toothbrush pros and cons


  • High-powered toothbrush for easy and effective cleaning.
  • Easy twist-and-lock brush heads for speedy replacements.
  • 33,000 brush strokes per minute for superior brushing.


  • Less suited to those new to electric toothbrushes.
  • Lacks the longer warranty of other brands such as Sonicare.
  • Lesser known brand.

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6 key features unpacked

1. Brush per minute

As a sonic toothbrush, the Sonic Fx Solo toothbrush can reach up to 33,000 strokes per minute. This means that the brush’s sonic waves create high-powered vibrations that can more effectively clean the teeth compared to a manual or rotary brush. Importantly, this can also result in ‘non-contact’ brushing as a result of driving fluids between the teeth (see details).

2. Brushing mode

Like most advanced electric toothbrushes, the Sonic Fx Solo toothbrush goes beyond the standard cleaning mode to offer 3 intensity modes to cater to those with hypersensitivity. Also, the Sonic Fx Solo toothbrush has a mode for gum massage, meaning it can more efficiently target the gumline and prevent the onset of gingivitis.

3. Smartimer

In order to maximize the toothbrush’s efficiency, the Sonic Fx Solo toothbrush has a built-in smart timer to track your brushing time. Because the ADA notes that the average brushing time for Americans is 45 seconds, the Sonic Fx brush alerts users every 30 seconds to remind them to brush each section (or quadrant) of the mouth. Along with this, the brush shuts off after the optimal 2 minute to reduce the risk of rough brushing and enamel damage.

The quadrants of the mouth are as follows:

  1. Top teeth: back left to center
  2. Top teeth: back right to center
  3. Bottom teeth: back left to center
  4. Bottom teeth back right to center

4. Battery life

While the Sonic Fx Solo toothbrush’s 3-month warranty is a con for some, the Sonic Fx brush rivals competitors like Sonicare and Oral-B with its 3-week battery life. Because of this, the Sonic Fx toothbrush is ideal for people on the go and also reduces the amount of charging needed to maintain the brush. With its own Solo charging dock and stand, the Sonic Fx toothbrush makes charging easier than ever.

5. Charging options

The Sonic Fx Solo toothbrush’s charging dock and stand increase the product’s efficiency by providing a docking station for your toothbrush. Because of its longer battery life, the Sonic Fx toothbrush does not need to be charged daily (or even weekly) and can be easily transported without the need for additional appliances. As an added bonus, the toothbrush itself is lightweight.

6. Brush head replacements

In the standard Sonic Fx Solo toothbrush pack, the following brush head replacements are included:

  • 2 brush head replacements.
  • 1 interdental brush head.

With 3 brush head replacements, the Sonic Fx Solo toothbrush can save you time and money when it comes to maintaining and replacing your toothbrush heads. The 2 standard toothbrush heads guarantee an extra 6 months of hygienic brushing, and the interdental brush head is also designed to target hard-to-reach areas.

How does the Sonic Fx Solo toothbrush compare?

It is worth noting that the following brushes all have a built-in Smartimer.

FeaturesSonic Fx SoloOral B Vitality Dual CleanSonicare HealthyWhite+
Brush per minute33,00031,00031,000
Brushing mode3 clean modes1 clean modeClean & white modes with 3 intensity settings
Battery life3 weeks5 days3 weeks
Charging optionsSolo charging dock and standStandard chargerTravel adaptor
Brush head replacements2 brush heads and 1 interdental head2 dual clean brush heads1 DiamondClean brush head
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Who is the Sonic Fx Solo toothbrush suitable for?

  • Those who struggle to clean hard-to-reach areas (including the gumline).
  • People on a lower budget seeking an affordable electric toothbrush.
  • Those who are after whiter teeth without the use of additional products.

As an advanced sonic toothbrush, the Sonic Fx Solo brush is less suited to those who prefer manual or rotary head brushes. This is because the brush has advanced features and settings, which is more geared towards those who are accustomed to electric toothbrushes. If you are seeking a simpler toothbrush option that retains the sonic power, try the Sonicare EasyClean.

Reliability and long term use

While the Sonic Fx Solo toothbrush has a battery life that rivals competitors, the brush is sometimes criticized for its unreliable long-term use. With this in mind, those seeking a long-term investment might consider a more trusted toothbrush brand. However, users still praise the Sonic Fx Solo brush for its advanced settings and its reasonable price range in comparison to the market leaders.

It is also worth noting that correct use of the Sonic Fx Solo toothbrush is important.

How to use the Sonic Fx Solo toothbrush

  1. Firstly, apply a pea-sized amount of toothpaste to the brush head.
  2. Wet the toothbrush with cold water.
  3. Angle the brush towards the gumline and switch ‘on’.
  4. Slowly move the brush along the gumline to allow the sonic power to brush the teeth.

Sonic Fx Solo toothbrush warranty and customer support

As a lower-range toothbrush, the Sonic Fx Solo toothbrush has only a 3-month warranty. But if you run into trouble when using this brush, the following support options are available:


Generally, the brush has a positive Amazon ranking.


Overall, the Sonic Fx Solo toothbrush is a great option for those on a lower budget who are interested in the advanced features of high-end sonic toothbrushes. As a recent product, the Sonic Fx toothbrush has an ergonomic design and easy-to-replace brush heads. While the product’s longevity is less trusted, this is suitable starting point for those transitioning to high-speed electric toothbrushes.

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Frequently asked questions

Is this brush suitable for children?

As a high-power brush, the Sonic Fx Solo toothbrush is designed for adults only. However, brands like Sonicare have children’s brushes.

Do I have to buy special brush head replacements?

No; the Sonic Fx Solo toothbrush is compatible with all twist-and-lock brush heads within the Sonic Fx brand.

Does this brush come with an outlet cord?

Yes; the charger has a cord to plug into a suitable outlet.

Are the bristles soft, medium, or firm?

The bristles are soft/medium.

Is this toothbrush noisy?

No; this brush is quieter than other electric toothbrush brands.

Where can I find replacement brush heads for this model?

You can purchase replacement brush heads under the ‘Accessories’ category of the Sonic Fx website.

Is this considered a rotary toothbrush?

No; the Sonic Fx Solo toothbrush vibrates due to sonic waves but does not turn. However, this is much more effective than a spinning head and also results in non-contact brushing.

Does this brush have a simple on/off button?

Yes; the on/off button is located at the top of the brush, whereas setting adjustments are at the bottom.

Does this brush come with a travel charger?

While this model doesn’t come with a travel charger, it does have its own standing dock for charging. It is also worth noting that this brush has a battery life of 3 weeks, so can be taken on trips without the need to charge.

What’s the difference between the different settings?

The 3 brushing modes are more for speed settings/intensity levels. The third mode is the most intense and is recommended for massaging the gumline.

Size dimensions

  • ⅜ inch x ¾ inch (brush head).
  • 14.4 ounces.

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