How to floss- how to hold the floss

How to Floss Your Teeth

If you want to know how to floss, this step-by-step guide is for you.  It shows you how to floss using conventional floss.  And it shows you how to floss in different contexts – like with a brace or bridge. It also lists the pros and cons of different types of floss and suggests alternative ways to floss.

So let’s get started.

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Top Benefits of Flossing- and Why Flossing is Important

Put simply, the benefits of flossing are:

  1. Each tooth will be entirely clean
  2. You will avoid cavities and gum disease
  3. Your smile will be brighter
  4. Your breath fresher
  5. You will enjoy greater systemic health
  6. You could save money and… it gets better
  7. … possibly lose weight.

Be assured: flossing has benefits.

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Oral Irrigators and Tonsil Stones

You know that feeling that comes out of nowhere like you have something stuck in your throat? You haven’t eaten in hours and you’re absolutely positive it’s not strep throat. Well, it could be tonsil stones, which are about as fun as they sound. It’s very rare that they cause bigger health issues but they can still be uncomfortable. The real questions are: How do they get there and how do we get rid of them? Continue Reading

Flossing FAQ

There are rumors going around that flossing is no longer necessary due to an article saying flossing benefits are unproven. There’s even been talk that flossing shouldn’t be recommended anymore. To some people, this may seem like a relief because flossing can seem inconvenient if not part of your daily routine. Sometimes it’s hard to decide just how important dental hygiene is. Is getting your teeth cleaned every six months enough to have oral health enough, or would flossing every day really make a difference? Hopefully the answers to these Frequently Asked Questions will clear up any uncertainties. Continue Reading

waterpik ultra review

Waterpik Ultra Review

The Waterpik Ultra water flosser is brought to you by Waterpik, the #1 recommended water flosser brand among dental professionals. Since 1962, Water Pik, Inc. has been developing innovative oral care products and each model has its own unique features and benefits. The Waterpik Ultra features 10 different pressure settings, allowing you to get a great clean whether you are focusing on improving gum health, cleaning between braces or maintaining dental work such as implants, crowns or veneers. We all know that we should floss daily, along with brushing twice a day, but not everyone is willing or able to commit to incorporating flossing into their daily routine. With water flossing, it really is the easy, fast and effective way to optimize your oral hygiene routine in just 60-seconds per day:

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waterpik aquarius vs ultra

Waterpik Aquarius vs Waterpik Ultra

A side-by-side comparison of the best water flossers on the market

Water Pik, Inc. has been a leader in personal oral healthcare products for over five decades and is celebrating its 55th anniversary this year! In that time, the Waterpik® flossers have come a long way. There’s a reason why Waterpik has stood the test of time – they manufacture products that are innovative with great features and benefits. Within the last few years, Waterpik introduced their popular and modern Aquarius and Ultra models with many outstanding features that promote advanced oral hygiene. Although these two water flossers may seem very similar, there are certainly some marked differences that the sophisticated consumer focused on oral hygiene will defiantly want to take into consideration before purchasing. If you are ready to incorporate water flossing into your daily routine since it only takes 60 seconds, or you are in the market for a new water flosser, you’ll want to make sure that your device optimizes your dental hygiene routine, including being:

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Different flossing tools

“It looks like you’ve been flossing your teeth too much,” said no dentist ever. That’s because we all know we should floss daily, but we think up excuses about why flossing is just too cumbersome – it’s too time consuming, too hard and much too tedious to possibly be worth it. We really couldn’t be more wrong. Flossing daily prevents gingivitis and more advanced stages of gum diseases, plus it helps to keep breath fresh and prevent cavities by removing food particles, bacteria and plaque from in-between teeth.

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How to use a waterpik

There are so many amazing benefits of incorporating a Waterpik into your daily brushing routine. Using a water flosser daily helps remove debris and leftover food particles from in between teeth and around the gumline, preventing gingivitis and gum disease and helping to eliminate bad breath. Water flossing is also clinically proven to be more effective than string flossing, so it makes sense to incorporate an easy, fast and effective method into your daily routine; plus, it only takes 1-minute extra each day!

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Natural Alternatives to Flossing

Oh, flossing. It’s either everyone’s best friend or worst enemy. People become experts at lying and making excuses when the dentist asks that dreaded question: “How often do you floss?” (Unfortunately, they can tell when we lie.) A lot of people don’t feel they have the time or they struggle to reach all the way to the back of their mouth with those flimsy strings. While there are tons of choices when it comes to flossing, some of the choices can get pricey, keeping more people from practicing daily oral hygiene. But what if there were more natural ways to keeping your teeth, gums, and mouth healthy? Continue Reading

Can antiseptic mouthwash replace flossing?

I have said it before and I will say it again, we know that flossing daily, in addition to brushing twice per day, is really the best addition to your dental hygiene routine, but it does not always work for everyone. Some people find flossing to be cumbersome and time-consuming, some have trouble getting the floss in between tight spaces and others have dexterity issues that prevent them from easily manipulating the string floss around their teeth and gums. So, what do you do if you want to add some extra cleaning power to your oral hygiene routine? Incorporating antiseptic mouthwash is an easy addition – pour some liquid from the bottle, take a sip and swish around in your mouth for 30 seconds! But does it really provide the same benefits as flossing or is it just a way to freshen breath? Let’s examine just how beneficial mouthwash is when added to your daily routine.

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